The Business Analyst as a Change Agent

2 days • 14 CDU/PDUs

Effective change management significantly influences project success. The more people are affected by an organizational change, the more important it is to manage the people side of that change. Often a great deal of responsibility for managing ‘people change’ falls to the project team, yet organizational change management is rarely integrated into their existing project management methodology. This program examines the human component of the project as a critical element of the project team’s work.

Participants will learn how to integrate change management practices and tools into the project, harness the work the project team is already doing, and scale change management to the project. This course is ideal for Project Managers and Business Analysts tasked with successfully implanting change into their business.

What You Will Learn

  • The benefits of organizational change management – how it can impact the success of your project
  • How to integrate change management with your project management methodology
  • Roles and responsibilities within and outside of the project team
  • Gauge the amount of organizational change management your project really needs
  • How to set yourself up for success by engaging your leadership throughout the entire process
  • Techniques to define exactly how change will impact your business including stakeholder assessment, gap analysis and impact analysis
  • Build a change strategy that mitigates the risks of change to your business
  • Translate your change strategy into detailed plans that can be actioned by your team
  • Employ the range of tools that support people change including communication, training, coaching and resistance management
  • Assess whether your action plans are working
  • How to continue managing change beyond project close
  • Measure the overall success of change management and its impact on project success