Who Attends the Certificate in Real Estate Development

Find out if this program is right for you.

The Certificate in Real Estate Development is ideal for:

  • Developers who are looking to deepen their understanding of development processes, manage risk, and improve their grasp of roles and responsibilities of the various players involved with land development.
  • Architects and other design professionals wishing work more effectively with developer clients and/or to expand their expertise to include real estate development.
  • Planners who engage with public/private development negotiations, and who are part of the decision-makers on how new development proposals affect their city.
  • Property owners who are looking to gain a better understanding of the benefits and risks of development and redevelopment.
  • Investors interested in real estate as a new category of asset, and wishing to engage third party developers.
  • Professionals in service to the development industry, including legal counsel, accountants, bankers who want to broaden their understanding of their clients’ needs.
  • Portfolio Managers, real estate advisors and project managers in the government who wish to better understand the real estate environment that they work in.
  • Real Estate Professionals/Agents, Engineers and Appraisal Professionals who want to deepen their understanding of the development process.


“The Certificate in Real Estate Development program was a great opportunity for me to continue my education in developing real estate. The course provides a large-scale overview of each stakeholder’s role within a development project, what makes a development project successful, and what are common issues. The course material is provided by experts currently working in the industry, which provided current reference material of ongoing projects at different stages of development. I left this course with a better understanding of drivers in decision making for each stakeholder. As a construction manager, gaining a broader knowledge of the city planning process, legal structure, and financial structure improves my own ability to better advise clients on feasibility and schedule.” – Sam Fuller, Thomas Fuller Construction Co. Limited

“I wish I had had access to a course like this Certificate in Real Estate Development early in my career as a project manager. It would have provided me with a strong foundation for developing the procurement tools and working and negotiating with the developers so important to the success of my projects.”
– Toby Greenbaum, Executive Director, National Executive Forum on Public Property (NEFPP)

“The Certificate in Real Estate Development program is the ideal forum to broaden the technical and people skills required to excel in the Real Estate development role… I would recommend this program to any builder or developer aspiring to learn current business practices and techniques, and affirm existing skills!”
– James Beach, Director of Real Estate and Development, Broccolini