Digital & Social Media Strategy & Tactics Certificate

This course has been modified for a special one-time, virtual classroom delivery.

Learn how to develop, refine, and deploy an effective digital and social media strategy for your organization.

The Digital & Social Media Strategy and Tactics course focuses on understanding organizational requirements and guiding the development or refinement of your strategic, tactical and audit plans which the participants can implement in the organization. Through a detailed overview of a wide range of the most important current and emerging digital and social media channels, you will be able to identify channels and techniques that will enhance your online presence.

Key Takeaways 
  • Know how to evaluate and choose the best tools for your organization or personal deployment
  • Learn how to use a wide variety of digital and social media tools to help achieve your goals
  • Learn what opportunities are being created by the most current changes on social media channels and how they can best be leveraged to assist your strategic goals
  • Understand how integrating digital and social media across business functions brings measurable benefits to the organization


This course has a hybrid delivery approach. Each Monday 1.5-2 hours of recorded content will be available to you. Additionally, three 1-hour live sessions will be scheduled each week for questions and discussion. Participants will have the ability to attend one or all of the live sessions and recordings will be provided of all the live sessions if they are unable to attend.

Course Structure 

 Week 1  Social Media Channels 1: Facebook
 Week 2  Social Media Channels 2: LinkedIn & Twitter
 Week 3  Visual Social Media Channels
 Week 4  Video Social Media Channels
 Week 5   Google My Business
 Week 6  Creating and Executing a Channel and Content  Plan
 Additional Modules  Creating a Digital and Social Strategic and Tactical  Plan
 Social Media Management Tools and Execution

Participants will also be granted access to several free DSMP Online courses as well as premium courses valued at several hundred dollars. 

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