Courses in the Management Certificate in Human Resources

MCP010: Accounting & Financial Management
From a review of financial statements to the application of cost accounting and budgeting, session participants will master the fundamentals they need in their role as HR professionals.

The intended learning outcomes for this course are:

•Interpreting the income statement, the balance sheet, and the retained earnings statement
•Calculating and interpret financial ratios
•Understand cost Behaviour
•Calculating and interpreting contribution margin analysis and break-even analysis
•Understanding risk through sensitivity analysis
•Understanding the allocation of costs; including service department costs
•Understand activity based costing
•Understanding the uses of transfer pricing
•Preparing an operating budget

Although this course has no prerequisites, the material is challenging and some knowledge of the above topics would be beneficial.

MCP012: Training and Development
The student will become familiar with the psychology of the learning process associated with training, and will acquire basic knowledge of the design and implementation of a corporate training program.

MCP013: Labour Relations
An introduction to the process of collective bargaining between employers and employees and the context in which such bargaining takes place, this course includes an overview of industrial relations and the institutions and processes associated with collective bargaining.

MCP014: Occupational Health and Safety
This course introduces HR practitioners to the broad and evolving field of occupational health and safety.

MCP015: Human Resources Planning
This course introduces the student to the concept of HR planning as it affects the ability of the organization to plan and develop its human resources over the short, medium, and long terms.

MCP016: Compensation Planning
This course looks at compensation management with a focus on reward system design, which enables employees to perceive rewards as important and contingent on work behaviour that is conducive to attaining job objectives.

MCP019: Recruiting Talent in the 21st Century

This course helps candidates for the CHRP designation understand and apply the principles of HR recruitment and selection. It examines the nature and goals of selection; the reliability, validity, and fairness of selection; job analysis and competency pro filing; the relevance of criteria; applicant screening and selection methods; testing; interviewing; and decision-making methods. The course stresses both theory and application. Typical class activities include lectures, projects, assignments and research.

MCP166: Organizational Behaviour
This course focuses on topics pertaining to organizational dynamics, such as effective leadership and group behaviour, and encourages conceptual discussions among the participants.

MCP211: Managing Difficult Conversations
This course offers solutions to those who manage people – problems in an ever faster, always-pressured workplace. This course is designed to enhance your ability to initiate and maintain productive discussions one on one, with self-directed teams or traditional project groups, in the face of strong feelings and difficult topics. You will learn to handle tough, but common, problems while treating colleagues and customers alike with decency and integrity.

MCP787: Human Resources Administration
A broad spectrum of HR topics is covered, from the strategic role of the function within the organization to the various functional areas falling within the HR mandate.

Cost and Registration

*Attendance at every class is mandatory in order to meet HRPA’s guidelines for required hours. Absences from class must be discussed in advance and agreed to with the instructor and approved by the Program Coordinator at the Sprott Professional Programs office.