Who Attends

The Professional Certificate in Management Skills is ideal for:

  • New managers and supervisors who want to learn the essential skills of management
  • Experienced managers and supervisors who want to hone their management skills and develop a deeper understanding of this topic area
  • Team Leaders and employees who see management as the next step in their career development
  • Project Managers and team members who want to develop their project and general management skills

Program Take-Aways

  • Describe the meaning and application of Managerial and Leader-Manager styles.
  • Identify the impact organizational structure has on management style.
  • Recognize how to plan and conduct quality interviews that will lead to sound hiring decisions.
  • Identify the fundamentals of employee on-boarding and engagement.
  • Recognize the key elements for managing the human side of change.
  • Develop strategies for creating inclusive environments in which employees can understand, value and respect each others’ differences.
  • Explain the role of personal motivation and interaction style on team performance using the Situational Leadership Model.
  • Describe the process for getting teams started and for moving the team through the task accomplishment cycle.
  • Identify the tools and techniques for managing projects.
  • Communicate financial information with confidence with executives and financial staff.
  • Manage business operations through effective budget management.

Skills Demonstrated

  • Effective communication (assertiveness and active listening)
  • Creative problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Managing Performance Expectations
  • Create an action plan for development

In House Delivery

Please note that any of the Professional Certificate in Management Skills modules can be delivered in-company for groups of 10 or more. For more information email profdev@sprott.carleton.ca

Cost and Registration